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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Fitz

Here's a little update on Griffin....we're officially at 39 weeks and 1 day, so we're expecting his arrival any day now! At my last doctor's visit (last Tuesday), I was already 3.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I'm hoping that means labor will go fairly quickly if this little guy ever decides to come out....we'll see :)

Here are a couple of belly pics from this week:

This is the first baby for both our families, so I feel like everyone's on pins and needles, just waiting for his arrival. Come on Griff....we're ready to meet you :)

Baby Showers

Last month we were showered and showered and showered with blessings, gifts, encouragement and love for our little boy. Here are a few highlights from our amazing baby showers.

Shower #1: The first one was a blessings shower hosted by our sweet friends from church, the Safrans and the Smiths. This was a very special shower, with only the immediate family and our hosting friends. Everyone had the opportunity to offer their blessing, Scripture, prayer, or encouraging word for us and Baby Griffin. It was truly an unforgettable experience.....I'm amazed at how God has blessed us with such loving friends and family members.

Ryan's sister wrote a touching letter to her first nephew....not many dry eyes in the place after that :)

My dad gave Griffin the same children's Bible that his parents gave him many years ago.

Yummy food....complete with blue punch and Chick-Fil-A nuggets!

The Fitzhugh clan

Most of the Parkers (minus Amy, who's in Colorado this semester)

The mommas

Ryan and his sister Blair...talking smack about their upcoming 10k race.

Our amazing hosts - Jason & Jamie Smith and Jason & Lindsay Safran - we LOVE these guys!

Shower #2: A few weeks later I had a great lunch shower hosted by some friends and coworkers at the law firm. I'm sure going to miss these ladies since I've decided to stay home with little Griffin for a while....they have been sources of such encouragement and love.

My very good friend Mary

My assistant Staci made this beautiful diaper cake - isn't it adorable?!!

Shower #3: Then we had a beautiful shower hosted by sweet friends and family in Longview, where Ryan grew up and his parents still live. These ladies went above and beyond in decorating, preparing yummy food, and just being generous, thoughtful hostesses. Nothing they didn't think of....

Cute little personalized jelly bean favors

Adorable (and yummy) cupcakes

Sweet Griffin napkins

Isn't this a beautiful wreath?? Ryan's uncle carved the little "g" himself!

No doubt who's being showered by all this love and attention!

A close up of the blanket I knitted for Griffin's nursery....matching the shower's color scheme :)

Most of my sweet hostesses...these are truly talented ladies!

Our delicious beverage selections

So many gifts!!

Ryan came at the end of the shower....he's chatting with Lindy, a dear family friend, in this pic.

Lindy has always been Ryan's baseball buddy....she got this adorable baseball outfit for Griffin.

Beautiful photo album from the hostesses

A close up of the belly....about 34 weeks here!

Shower #4: The very next day, my sisters and close friends threw another shower in Dallas. They did such a wonderful job and made it such a special day for me (and baby Griffin)....he's one loved and spoiled little boy already!

Hostess with the mostest....my awesome sister Heather

Isn't that the cutest onesie you've ever seen??

My sweet friend, and former roomie, Katie made this adorable diaper cake!

My sweet grandmother...who gave us this awesome high chair!

The Parker/Jackson girls...Amy even flew in from Colorado to celebrate with us!

All my old Baylor roomies were able to make it...Paige (who flew in all the way from Florida), Mandy (who is due just 2 weeks after me drove in from San Antonio), and Katie K (one of the amazing hostesses)....love these girls!!!

Shower #5: Then some of our sweet friends from Baylor, Chris and Meredith Yount, hosted a Green & Gold themed shower for us. We had a great time celebrating with some of Ryan's old Chamber buddies....and we can't wait to add our little bear cub to the mix!

The Chamber lives on.....

Our hosts...the Younts

Shower #6: Finally, Ryan's office threw us a diaper shower....wow! What an outpouring of generosity.....I'm thinking we're set for diapers/wipes for quite a while.

Whew......needless to say, February was a whirlwind month for us. I'm so thankful that Griffin is already loved and supported by so many. I'd say we definitely have the whole village helping us raise this little guy :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Let the baby countdown begin

I went to the doctor today for my 36 week checkup, which means our first check on little Griffin's ETA....drumroll please....so far I'm 1.5 cm. dilated and 30% effaced. We still have a long way to go, but things are definitely happening.

I thought this news might make me nervous...since our house is still a jumble of baby items, and, oh yeah...that whole labor thing I keep hearing about :) Surprisingly, the update just made me excited. This little guy is officially on his way. I don't think he would mind a messy house (especially since most of the mess is composed of things to make him happy, comfortable, safe, and generally pampered in every way...no pun intended). Plus, the labor issue still seems like a distant problem, so I don't really have to focus on it just yet :)

That's it for now...I still have tons to post about all our wonderful baby showers....maybe tomorrow?? Yes, definitely tomorrow...maybe...hey, it's a possibility.....