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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Girls Weekend

This weekend I enjoyed the rare and much-sought-after period of relaxation and reconnection known as Girls Weekend. Nearly ten years have passed since we all graduated from Baylor, but when I'm with these girls, it feels like no time at all has gone by. Whether we've stayed in close touch or gone our separate ways, I'm pleased to say we picked right back up where our friendships left off and made lots of new memories together. And, thankfully, we've all known each other long enough that we no longer feel the need to impress each other with our hair styles, make-up, or half-truths about how wonderful our lives have turned out. We have earned the privilege of being real together.

We traveled to the small fishing town of Matagorda, Texas for three glorious days of R & R, beach time, porch sitting, margarita drinking, and catching up. And let me tell you, we got our fill. It was a perfect weekend, and a wonderful reminder to all of us that somewhere in our souls - just below the surface of jobs, boyfriends, husbands, play dates, and nursing bras - we are still a bunch of twenty-something college girls, full of youth, beauty, hope, and love. The Lord has blessed us with rich friendships that pass the test of time and distance.

I'm so blessed by these ladies, and I'm already looking forward to next year's reunion!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Graham Michael!

We're so blessed to welcome another nephew/cousin to the family! Aunt Blair and Uncle Stephen said hello to their first baby last night, after a very long day of labor. Auntie B was quite a trooper, delivering all 8 pounds, 12 ounces of her little one after nearly 24 hours in labor!

Graham Michael is ADORABLE and we've loved cuddling him already! The boys are, of course, thrilled to add another boy to the family. We love you Graham!

Griff's sweeping talents caught the eye of the hospital cafe worker while we were waiting - he's got skills with a broom!

A bag of chips gets much more exciting after 9:00pm :)

We went back for another visit this morning, so the boys could say hello to their new cousin.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Trip!

We recently took a trip to Galveston with Aunt Heather, Uncle Blake and Baby Parker. It was the boys' first trip to the beach, and they LOVED it!!  Griff especially enjoyed jumping the waves, wading in the water, digging giant holes (to fill up with water for some inexplicable reason), and destroying sand castles (carefully constructed by Mama). Jasper liked it too, but was less than thrilled with the way sand got all over his hands and face :) And little Parker was quite at home on the beach - he snoozed the day away, soaking up that seaside living. 

We also had lots of fun swimming in the pool and just hanging out with family. It was a great trip and we can't wait to plan our Beach Vacation 2013!

Cousins :)

Double trouble

Watching Uncle Blake feed the seagulls - he's so cool!

And while we were on vacation, Jasper decided he was ready to be an official "big boy" and started walking like a pro. He's loving his newfound freedom and spends most of his day chasing after Griff.