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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wouldn't it be Loverly?

Hello all! Last month I posted about the beautiful flower arrangements my friend Mary created for our Mother's Day Luncheon. Since then, Mary has started a business preparing floral arrangements called Posy's.

I've seen some of her recent work, and it's truly top-notch. Mary is creative, thoughtful, professional and a pleasure to work with. She really made my vision come to life...keeping in mind my small budget. I'll definitely be using Mary's services again soon, and I highly recommend her to anyone else in the DFW area.

Here's a picture from a recent bridal shower she worked on - fabulous!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Patient Update

Thanks to everyone for the sweet thoughts about Dixie.  I wanted to let you all know that she's home and doing well.  She spent one night at the surgery center, which was not fun for anyone, but they said she was a real trooper.  The staff really seemed to like her and they even gave her a cute pink bandage.  She's getting lots of rest and attention now that she's home, so hopefully we'll have a quick recovery!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Puppy

Anyone who knows us knows how much we love our little Dixie dog.  She has an adorable, feisty, personality that belies her small stature.  We really think of her as part of the family....and she knows it!  Sometimes I'm convinced she doesn't really know she's a dog.  

So, needless to say, we've been very concerned the last few days as we've noticed her limping around, only using three legs.  She's had knee problems for a while, but they never seemed to slow her down until now.  I took her to the vet earlier this week, and he referred us to an orthopedic surgeon (am I the only one who didn't know they had such a thing for dogs?).  Today was our appointment with the specialist, who told us Dixie has a torn ACL and chronic knee cap displacement.  Sounds pretty painful to me, so I was more than happy to schedule surgery for her.  I realize she's only a dog, but she's enriched our lives for years, and we want to do anything we can to make her life more enjoyable too.

Tomorrow is the big day, and poor Ryan has the unhappy duty of dropping her off at the vet's office.  Over the years, Ryan and Dixie have become good buddies.....although the scars on his arm remind us that sometimes it's more of a love/hate relationship than true love.  I have to admit that Dixie has become a bit of a grumpy old lady the last few years.  Of course, Ryan just thinks her crankiness makes her that much cuter.  I think it might break his heart to leave her at the vet's, but he's putting on a brave face for her.  We'll be praying that the surgery goes well and she's able to get back to her crotchety old self soon!

Who wouldn't love that face?

Ryan decided to put Dixie in the trash can when we were raking up leaves....maybe her animosity has some foundation after all ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Long Live the King!

Needless to say, Ryan was in heaven just getting to see the new stadium up close.  Most of you probably know what a huge Dallas Cowboys fan he is.....anyone remember his groom's cake?

I grew up listening to George Strait's music...Heather and I spent countless hours two-steppin' around the living room, standing on our dad's toes, to Amarillo By Morning and All My Exes Live in Texas ;)  So when I heard George would be performing in Dallas, I knew we had to go.  I called up the family and we all decided to go together.  Sadly we were missing Amy, who was getting ready to take the LSAT a few days later.  With such a big family, it's almost impossible to find dates that don't conflict with anything, so we were happy to get most of the gang there.

We decided to make a day of it, tailgating in the Rangers' parking lot before the concert.  Ryan made some knock-out burgers and we had a great time.  Here are a few pictures from the concert:

For Reba's encore, she changed into this red number and sang everyone's favorite "Fancy" - loved it!

Mom & Dad

The inaugural opening of the stadium's ceiling

From here you can see the Rangers Ballpark - Ryan's in heaven

It was a HOT day - so I'm definitely glistening here :)

The massive video screen - it will stretch from one 20 yard line to the other!
Over 60,000 people packed into the stadium to see these legends
Holmans, Fitzhughs, Benifer, Parkers