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Monday, February 4, 2013

Jasper's First Haircut

My little guy got his first official (and much needed) haircut last week. Even though we went to an adorable kids salon, complete with an airplane chair, individual TV playing a cartoon movie, a cup of animal crackers, and a very patient stylist, Jasper was less than thrilled by the process.

For some reason he HATED the little cape they tried to put on him, so we ended up with lots of little baby hairs all over his shirt.

He was good during the actual trimming process, but never really recovered from the trauma of wearing that cape for a few seconds - ha! ha!

In the end, though, I went home with one handsome, happy, slightly hairy eighteen-month-old. A good result in my book!

A "before" shot of Jasper styling in some of Daddy's old duds :)

The awesome airplane chair he picked out

Don't you love moms who take pictures of their kids crying? It seems so cruel, but I just had to capture the moment. And this was the only way I was getting an "after" shot of his adorable haircut