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Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Fitzhughs had a great time celebrating our Saviour's birth this year! Having a little one in the house sure changes things....and makes them so much more fun and meaningful. We kicked things off at the Parker lake house for Christmas Eve, spent Christmas morning at our house, and then were off to Longview for the rest of Christmas day. Here are a few pics to sum up our holiday. Griff had the most fun with all the tissue paper - go figure!

Nine Months Old

Happy New Year's Eve and Happy 9 Month B-Day to Griffin! Our year ends with a look at all the amazing things our little guy has accomplished this month.

When we left off last time, Griff was just starting to crawl, but within a few days, he was off and running. Crawling everywhere and faster that I could have imagined. If I left the room for even a second, I often had to go looking for him when I came back. The sweetest part was when he started following me from room to room. So cute! Of course, with little boys, mastering one skill usually means they're over it and ready to move on to the next thing. For us, that meant pulling up all the time, and even trying to stand alone sometimes. He even "helped" me load the dishwasher this morning by standing up next to it and grabbing spoons I had already loaded.

Griff is quite the daredevil these days. Laughing when Ryan throws him up in the air and playing his new favorite game...falling down on the couch. He loves to stand up on the couch and fall backwards and land on the soft cushions. He's also a big fan on banging on every surface he comes in contact with, including the light-up drum that Santa brought this year. Despite the bounty that St. Nick left at our house, favorite toys right now seem to include cardboard boxes, plastic, and tissue paper. Maybe next year we'll just wrap up all the trash and leftover wrapping paper for him :)

We're eating a little more finger foods these days, but have no love for the sippy cup yet. I've tried several different brands, shapes and spouts, but nothing seems to please the little prince yet. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?? Oh well....we'll keep trying. I don't think he'll be headed to kindergarten with a bottle, so I'm not too worried. Griffin also has FOUR teeth (two on top, two on bottom), which Ryan is take as a sign to bring on the baby back ribs!

He's still taking a short nap in the morning, a longer one in the afternoon and sleeping 12 hours at night. It's such a gift to have a good sleeper. And lately, when he wakes up he'll just amuse himself for a while with a few toys/books we keep in the crib. We love to listen to him jabber with all his toys first thing in the morning.

We head to the pediatrician next week for our check-up. Can't wait to see how much Griff has grown these last months. We love you son!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

8 Months Old

Yesterday (or maybe technically today, since there's no 31st of November) Griffin turned 8 months old. And oh boy, has it been a fun month! Just in the last few weeks, he's started clapping, giving a version of high-fives, saying "Dada" all the time, trying hard to pull up on the furniture (or Mama's leg, Dixie's stairs, his crib, whatever's available), rolling from back to belly, sitting up from a hands-and-knees position, and....drumroll please....crawling! So much fun :) The crawling is mostly backwards right now, but he's definitely mobile.

Griff's also eating more finger foods and expressing his opinion more and more (like whining when I take a favorite toy or bottle away). I'm loving all these changes and can't wait to see what the next month holds. It's like he's becoming a real person now.

We also suffered through our first baby cold. Yuck! It was mostly just a runny nose, sneezing, extra sleepy/grumpy kind of cold, but Griff made it through and we're both glad it's over. I love the colder months, but I'm not really looking forward to all the little germs and bugs they seem to bring with them.

Last but not least, we had a wonderful first Thanksgiving with our little guy. We spent Turkey Day with Abby and Z in Longview, and Griff got to swing outside and enjoy his first taste of pumpkin pie :) Plus, we were thrilled that he finally decided to get a good night's sleep, since our other visits to L-Town have been marked by 4am-5am wake-up calls.

Then we spent a few days with GiGi and Poppa (and all the aunts and uncles that come with them) at the lake house. Ryan fried his first turkey for us and it was delicious! And Griff relished all the attention he got from his adoring fans...something tells me Christmas is going to be quite a show!