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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in Longview

We had a great time celebrating Griffin's second Easter in Longview this year. His first Easter was just a few days after he was born, so this was his first real experience with all the fun this holiday has to offer.

We started things off by attending Abby and Z's church, where Griff was a very attentive listener (at least during all the beautiful music). He was a little too chatty for the sermon, so he spent some quality time with Daddy in the lobby during the rest of the service....and I hear he made lots of new friends out there too :)

Then we had an excellent meal prepared by the grandparents, including an awesome Easter Bunny cake made by Abby, and wrapped things up by enjoying a beautiful day just relaxing in their backyard. Griff had so much fun exploring all the goodies in his Easter basket and running around outside. These days, "go" and "outside" are his FAVORITE words. I think he may have had a little too much fun though, because he was waking up hours earlier than normal, refusing to nap in the car, and wanting to stay up way past his bedtime!

When we got back in town, Griff got to spend some fun time at the lake house with Poppa and Gigi, and was spoiled again with treats, Easter toys/books, and lovin' from his grandparents. What a blessed little boy!

Lots of great family time, a lovely church service, delicious food, and beautiful spring weather. What a fabulous way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twelve Month Check-Up

Griffin had his 12 month check-up with Dr. McElroy on Monday and did great. Our pediatrician is always saying how surprised he is that Griff doesn't mind being examined or cry around strangers. That's our social little man! He just LOVES people, and I'm pretty sure he would happily wander off with anyone who smiled at him.

He's weighing 21 lbs. now (25%) and is still in the 60% in height and brain size. Doc says everything looks good and we're always happy for a clean bill of health. Of course, Griff was less than pleased about the latest round of vaccinations, but after a few very sad tears (and a handful of fruit loops), he was feeling much better.

It's hard to believe the next time we'll be seeing Dr. Mac will be for little brother Jasper's first visits!

Griff's Birthday Party

Blair & Stephen's Wedding

Last weekend we celebrated the marriage of Ryan's sister, Auntie B, and Uncle Stephen! What a fabulous weekend, full of great family time, sweet moments, and of course, a beautiful bride.

Ryan and I were both in the wedding party, so we were a little concerned about wrangling the little guy and performing all our wedding duties :) Thankfully, my parents live close enough that they were able to take care of Griffin when we weren't available. He got to wear the cutest baby tuxedo to the wedding, and was a big hit with all the guests. It was just a beautiful day and we're excited to welcome another uncle into the family!

The stunning bride (who actually had to buy a new dress ONE WEEK before the wedding when the cleaners ruined her first one!)

Saying a quick hello to Abby and Auntie B before the wedding

Such a handsome guy!

My sisters came to the wedding, and we had a blast doing our "preggo" dance once the sun went down :) Thanks for humoring me girls.

Aunt Jen caught the bouquet....watch out Uncle Ben!

Aunt Heather and Uncle Blake reminding us what it feels like to be married without kids :)