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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ten Months Old

I'm a little late with this post, but Griffin turned ten months old on January 31st! He's getting so mobile and so inquisitive these days! He spends a lot of time crawling and cruising around. He LOVES to crawl through tunnels, clap his hands, and play pat-a-cake (even "rolling" his hands at the right part during the song). He's eating lots of finger foods....favorites at the moment are chicken nuggets and cheerios. We've also noticed how much Griff loves to touch and feel things. His little fingers are always trying to figure out how to open something, what it feels like, whether it makes fun noises when you shake it, can you pinch it, tear it, crumple it...he really enjoys exploring his world through touch.

And this guy just loves to be with people, especially other babies and kids. We have so much fun at the play areas in the local malls (all we can really do with the cold weather!) because he can just watch all the bigger kids play. I'm thinking he'll love having a little brother as a playmate soon :) He's such a doll, and we're really enjoying this time in his development!

Here are the "out takes" from our 10 month photo shoot...always my favorite :)

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm getting to spend this day of love with my sweet mini valentine. We went to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather we're having this week. And yes, he IS #1 with the Ladies :)

We also got to spend some time celebrating Auntie B at her bridal shower in Longview last weekend. Sadly, no pics of Griff with the bride-elect, but here are a few from the weekend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still Queen of the Castle!

We found out last week that Baby Fitz #2 is another BOY!!!! Which means this mama is still the queen of her castle :) We're thrilled that Griffin will have a little brother to pal around with (especially since they'll be so close in age), and we're already praying that they have a David and Jonathan relationship. I loved growing up with a built-in best friend in my sister Heather, but I think Ryan's most excited about the lawn care tasks he can pass on to his boys in a few years.

So far, everything looks good as far as development is concerned....this little guy is on pace to weigh as much or more than his older brother (who came in at 9.1 pounds!).

Now we're on to the fun task of coming up with another sweet boy name! We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day!

When I was a kid, I love love LOVED snow days. Unexpected time off from school, an excuse to play with my sisters all day, and a warm cup of hot chocolate to top things off. Does it get any better than that?? Well, this week Griffin got to experience his first real snow day (lots of ice Monday through Thursday, but finally several inches of powdery snow on Friday). Seriously, the most snow I've ever seen in Texas....even Daddy got to stay home to play with us.

So, we bundled up and headed outside once it warmed up a little. Ryan showed Griff how to make a snow angel and even tried to build a snowman, but the snow just wasn't sticking together enough for that. Griff wasn't too impressed, although he seemed to enjoy tasting a bit of the fluffy cold stuff :) Even Dixie, who's a bit of a priss when it comes to inclement weather, had a good time.

Hey....what's all that white stuff out there?

Seriously Mom, have you seen this?

Attempt at a snowman...didn't turn out so great :)
P.S. Griffin is wearing Ryan's old Baylor stocking cap...so cute!