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Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Fall - November

Okay, so I'm way behind on my blog posts, so I'm going to start catching up with a quick rundown of our November. This time of year is always crazy for us....and even more so with a baby on the way. So, here we go....

Baby News: First, our BIG news....we confirmed this month that Baby Fitz is a BOY!! We're so excited, and Ryan already has his eye on a miniature Baylor football jersey for the little guy :) I'll be sure to post again when we've decided on a name. Here are two pics from our most recent sonogram, and a couple of pics of my growing belly (at 20 weeks).

Already sucking his little thumb - how cute!
It's hard to really see anything in these, but the one below is pointing out that he is definitely a boy!
In other exciting news, I started feeling little "Trigger" (that's Ryan's nickname for him) start moving around a few weeks ago...what a fun, indescribable feeling! I know there are challenging times to come (with the pregnancy and parenthood), but it's so neat that God gives expecting moms these little miracles along the way!

November 4th: Ryan and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! For those of you keeping score, that's 9 total years together - yea for us! This past year has been filled with blessings, and we've enjoyed a deeper sense of commitment and affection as we learn to abide in our love for each other. Our actual anniversary was on a week night, so we kept it low key and went out for a romantic dinner. It was a great night....Ryan booked me a massage and pedicure later that week, and I gave him a small leather overnight bag (leather is the traditional 3rd anniversary gift) and the tiniest baseball glove I've ever seen, so he could get ready for that first game of catch with Trigger :)

November 8th: Ryan turned the Big 3-0!! That's right, my hubby officially said goodbye to his twenties and embraced a new decade of life. To properly say farewell to his youth, I planned a surprise party, with a few of our close friend and family members. He was definitely surprised (and maybe a little irritated because I had to send him on random errands to keep him out of the house), and the party was a big success. We had a great time, and we're looking forward to many more birthday celebrations in the future.

If you couldn't tell, this was a football themed party, with one Baylor Bears room and one Dallas Cowboys room - Ryan's favorite teams. I made a football shaped cupcake cake (half eaten below) and some special sugar cookies for the occasion:

It's hard to tell in this picture, but I put up some framed shots of Ryan from his days on the junior high and high school football teams - so cute!

Dallas Cowboys: Speaking of football, I don't remember the exact dates, but Ryan and I were thrilled to be invited to several Dallas Cowboys games this fall - not just to see them play in the new stadium, but to see the game from one of the plush suites in the Owners Club!! All I can say is we have some awesome friends!

So that's it for now....I'll fill in more from October as soon as I can find the time. For now, we're looking forward to a great Thanksgiving with my family at the lake, and to cheering on the Baylor Bears with the in-laws at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!