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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had lots of fun this Halloween. The boys had a costume parade at their little preschool, and Griff had so much fun on his first trick-or-treating outing. It took a little convincing to get him out there - we were practicing ringing our own doorbell and asking for candy from Poppa and Gigi, so Griff was beside himself when he thought we were making him leave all that fun just to walk around to other houses. BUT...once he realized ALL the neighbors were giving out candy, he was all for knocking on door after door. And of course, where Griffin goes, Jasper is sure to follow :)

Our little Fireman and Dalmation couldn't be cuter if they tried

Aunt Heather, Uncle Blake and Parker came to play with us too. There were many attempts to get a cousins picture :)

Time to dig in!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes....

I love hearing what my two little ones have to say these days. Jasper's first words have been surprising and completely different from his older brother's. I don't know why I was expecting him to say the same things, since they clearly have their own ideas of what's interesting to talk about.

And Griff's language skills have really taken off lately too. He's definitely expressing himself (sometimes in less than pleasant ways), and it's fun to hear what he has to say.  Here's a sampling from both the boys:

Jasper's First Words:

"On guard!" (while waving a stick or spoon or whatever at you)
"Cookie" (meaning pretty much any type of food)
"Daddy"(that's right, just Daddy - he won't say Mama for anything, the little stinker!)
"Toes" (when he wants someone to play "this little piggy" with him)
"Backpack"(he likes to carry his little preschool backpack all over the house)
"Hat" (this is his all time favorite word right now...he LOVES to wear hats, usually two or three at a time)

Griff's Favorite Phrases:

"Are those cupcakes?" (about the flowers in a large cemetery on our way preschool)
"Fat Jamie" (which we were relieved to realize actually means "fettucini" - haha!)
"Hey - gimme that!" (said multiple times a day to a certain little brother)
"Can I have more milk, please?" (this kid is a serious milk addict, but at least he says please)
"I love you" (best words ever!)
"What's that?" (said a hundred times a day)
"I think it's gone" (in response to any question about where he put something)
"Come on, Japper!" (he can't quite get the "s" in Jasper's name, but it's so cute)
"Can I watch Back-agains?" (he's in love with the show Backyardigans and would watch them 24/7 if I let him)