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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Long Overdue Post

Wow....does it seem like it's been ages since I've added a new post? That's probably because it has been. I'm starting to realize I'm a crappy excuse for a blogger. I mean some of you are updating weekly, if not daily. And I can't seem to manage more than one post per month (and sometimes not even that). Oh well...as Ryan would tell you, our family motto seems to be "better late than never". So even if most of you stopped checking this blog weeks ago, after being disappointed time after time, I'm going to attempt a fresh start. A little to late to be a New Year's resolution, but hey, this is where that family motto comes in handy...

First, a quick update on Baby Griffin. He's doing great...growing and moving all the time! Judging by the time he spends kicking and squirming in my ever-expanding belly, I think we may have quite an active child on our hands in a few months. Which may be a little unsettling for two of the most laid-back parents-to-be the world has ever seen. I mean, our idea of a crazy night out is dinner and a late movie (that's right, the 9pm showing folks), followed by some cuddle time on the couch, before falling asleep to the sound of 11 o'clock reruns of Seinfeld. What on earth will we do with a hyperactive little toddler?? Pray for us people....pray hard :)

This week, we had our 3D/4D sonogram session, which was even more fun because Ryan's parents, my parents and my sister Jen were able to join us. We are so blessed to have such loving families, and I have no doubt this little guy will be the most spoiled child ever known. We'll do our best to keep him "grounded" but with grandparents and aunts/uncles like these, I make no promises. Here are a few sonogram pics and a couple more of my belly (at 30 weeks):

As you might be able to tell, Griffin's already got some chubby little cheeks, and we even saw a double-chin in a few shots - I love chubby babies!

So there's your update....we're gearing up for baby showers (I told you this kid was loved) and I've almost got the nursery completed. Plus, some dear friends of ours gave us a "blessings" shower, which was so special, so I've got plenty of material left for future updates. Check back soon...I'll do my best to post again in the next few days.