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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks!

We had such a great time giving thanks for all the Lord's blessings in our lives this year. We spent Turkey Day at the lakehouse cooking, eating, chatting, watching football, and just enjoying ourselves. Ryan fried an AWESOME turkey, and I think the my mom, sisters and I made at least six different side dishes for eight people (side dishes are always my favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast). What a great day with the family - with Aunt Amy sending her love from Branson, MO.
Cuddling with Aunt Heather
Aunt Jen's beautiful Thankgiving centerpiece
Checking the mail with Poppa...a highlight of any trip to the lake house
Just chillin' on the couch, watching some football, preparing for a food-induced nap...not even 2 years old and already exhibiting typical male behavior on Thanksgiving!

Then we got to hang out with the Fitzhugh side of the family when they came in town for the Baylor v. Texas Tech game at Cowboys Stadium. All the "big kids" went to the game, while the boys and I stayed home and cheered our Bears on through the TV screen....to a major victory over the Red Raiders (sorry Uncle Stephen!).

Hanging out with Auntie B & Uncle Stephen's dog Raider - Griff loved him, but will only call him "Puppy" for some reason
In honor of the Thanksgiving feast everyone else got to enjoy,
Mr. Jasper got to try his first few bites of rice cereal...he seemed to like it
My sweet boys starting to play together...melts my heart!

This was such a wonderful holiday. The boys LOVED being with their family members and they were showered with love and attention. Griff has decided he's officially one of the guys now, and only wants to hang out with his granddads and uncles. But at least we still have little Jasper to flirt with the ladies, plus Baby Holman who will be here in May! Yay for a new cousin!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sitting up and Rolling Over

Oh the milestones are rolling in these days. Mr. Jasper has decided to sit up AND roll over this week - we're so proud :) I'm a big fan of the stage when babies can sit up on their own, since they seem so happy to be able to play and look around more. However, I had no idea that rolling over could wreak such havoc on a little one's sleeping schedule. Since JR is a tummy sleeper, he's woken himself up several times lately by rolling onto his back. Kind of funny to me, but not so enjoyable for him. Oh well, more motivation for him to learn to roll the other way soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

4 Month Check-Up

Jasper had his four month check-up today, and he's looking great! He weighed 15 pounds, 8 ounces (75%) and was 25.5 inches long (75%). He's growing like a champ and had fun with Dr. Mac, but was not happy about getting all his shots (who is, right?). Plus, the poor guy was very late for a nap, and he loves his naps! He started crying before the shots even started and stayed pretty cranky until bedtime. I think we were both glad to see the end of this day - and thankful we don't have to do that again for a few months!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to an amazing hubby and daddy. We love you!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

5 Years of Wedded Bliss

Last Friday, November 4th, marked my fifth wedding anniversary with Ryan. We've added two children to our family in those five years and learned quite a bit about loving each other and building a life together. Through job changes, financial challenges, everyday stresses, more extra pounds than either of us would like to admit, and redefining what it means to be a "family," the Lord has been hard at work teaching us how to appreciate each other and work together for His glory. I'm so looking forward to what the next year brings!

Here's a peek back at all our previous anniversary celebrations:


This weekend we got to return to Waco to celebrate Homecoming at Baylor - an event Ryan and I look forward to every year. We had so much fun visiting with old friends, watching the parade, tailgating with family and watching our Bears beat the Missouri Tigers. Even though it was a little stressful running after a toddler who was determined to cover every square inch of campus with his little footprints, plus driving from event to event with a baby who HATES being in the car, all in all, I'd say we had a wonderful weekend.

We were a little worried about sharing a hotel room with both boys - we haven't mixed hotels and babies since Griff was about 6 months old and poor Ryan ended up driving him around the parking lot at 4am to get him to stop crying - but we were pleasantly surprised this time. Jasper may scream like a banshee in his carseat, but the little tyke didn't make a peep when he was in his pack 'n play, and Griff had lots of fun sharing Mama and Daddy's king size bed - even if he did end up sleeping at the foot of the bed, on top of the covers, just inches from rolling off the side :)

Can't wait till next year!
These guys love a parade!
Keeping warm with Mama
Hanging with Aunt Amy and Philip at the parade
Delta love :)
Fun with Gigi before kickoff
G with his "An Hevah"
The Parker/Fitzhugh/Holman/soon-to-be Booker family!

Griffin had a BLAST in our fellow tailgater's bounce house!
JR getting in some snuggle time with Auntie B