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Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today is Ryan's 31st birthday! Griffin was so excited that he woke up extra early (6am!) to wish Daddy a happy birthday. Personally, I think birthdays that fall on Mondays are the worst, but we're going to try hard to make it special for Daddy anyway :) Happy Birthday Honey! Looking forward to sharing many more with you.

Making a birthday card for Daddy

These two do everything together...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Anniversary to Us!

Four years ago today, Ryan and I walked down the aisle and began our life together as husband and wife. I can honestly say, I've never looked back. My life is richer, sweeter and much, much funnier because Ryan is a part of it. He's my best friend, and this year I've enjoyed the added pleasure of watching him become a caring, thoughtful father to our son. I can't imagine life without him. Love you honey!

Seven Months Old

Griffin turned seven months old on October 31st, so we got to celebrate his monthly birthday and Halloween in one day! No trick-or-treating this year for the little guy, but we had fun greeting the cute kids that came to the door.

Grif's growing fast these days, babbling more and more, kind of scooting backwards instead of crawling, standing up while holding on to a chair or table, and learning to eat new foods. We recently gave him a cracker to munch on and he LOVED it...licking his fingers at the end :) I was personally relieved to see his reaction, since so far he's rejected any kind of lumpy baby food. If there's a lump in there, he's spitting it out. Maybe it makes a difference if he's feeding himself, like with the cracker? Not sure, but I'll take what I can get.

I also just got back from a fantastic mother-daughter trip to Scottsdale, Arizona with my mom and sisters (baby free!). We all had such a great time relaxing by the pool (yes, I know, poolside....in October!), enjoying yummy meals and, of course, cheering on the Texas Rangers in the World Series and our Baylor Bears, who celebrated their first victory over the Texas Longhorns in ages. I think we'll have to make this an annual tradition! (P.S. Heather was our designated photographer, so I don't have too many pics to post...maybe more to come). Ryan did a great job staying home with G-man all weekend, with some much appreciated help from Abby and Zayde. They walked to the park, rode the swings, and carved Grif's first pumpkin!